Putting a Musical Bed Under Ford’s Living Roof

Wednesday July 14th 9:03pm: Hey Nick it’s Wendell, think you can turn around a spot overnight? Need it by the morning.

Wednesday July 14th 9:04pm: Sure Wendell, I’ll give it a shot…

As a professional musician, you’re always meeting (and sometimes stretching) deadlines, often working til the 11th hour, so when I started downloading the rough video track from Wendell Hanes I didn’t know what to expect. Wendell, who owns the audio house Volition Sound Branding, has been responsible for some great spots over his many years in the business, including Garnier Fructis’s Fructis Flow spots featuring Memphis Bleek, Kia’s recent Hamster Commercials featuring Black Sheep, and Boost Mobile’s “Where You At?” Anthem featuring Jermaine Dupri and Young Jeezy.

Well the file Wendell sent me ended up being this two minute long spot for Ford Motor Company promoting their sustainability initiatives in Michigan. NFL on FOX personality James “I’m not that James” Brown interviews John Viera, Director of Sustainable Business Strategies at Ford. I jumped at the chance to write music for Ford, so I spent all night writing the music, finishing at 6:12am the next day.

Let me tell you I could talk more about the content of the video than my music. They have the largest living roof in North America on their production facility. Not only does their living roof keep insulation costs down, they also have a team of PhD’s creating foam from Soy! A rough copy of the spot is below, as well as just the music bed. Let me know what you think, and make sure you check out Volition Sound Branding, and Ford.

The typical commercial is either :30 seconds or :60 seconds long, this is a two minute internet video. The bed without VO is alone is below, with the video underneath it.

If you need any kind of music for your commercial or web video needs, just contact me.


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