How a Tweet May Have Saved a Pastor’s Life (and Hundreds of others)

Social Media at its core is all about giving to, learning from, and sharing with one another.

So this story starts just that way, with Steph Benedict telling me about this show Around the World For Free. It had a large social media component so she thought I would like it. Parvati Shallow (a former Survivor contestant) is on a journey around the world, and she’s looking for anyone real-time to help her on her journey.

Friday morning, Steph sends an IM saying that Parvati tweeted she was in Austin looking for a way to get to Haiti. From working with LifeStyle Homes on Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Space Coast, I had come to know the Hurston Family who run the NPO Air Mobile Ministries, have two adopted Haitian children, and make regular flights to Haiti delivering custom water purification devices and other supplies.

I sent a few tweets to Parvati, and sure enough about 30 minutes later she and I were talking on the phone from Honkfish World HQ.

Tweets is Watchin’

She wanted to help out however she could with charity work, so we hung up and I called my friend Melanie who is a close friend of the Hurstons to have them get in touch with Parvati. Three hours later Parvati texts me saying she and Joe Hurston spoke and she was on her way to Florida to head to Haiti with AMM.

I was thrilled at that point alone, knowing that the Hurstons would be able to showcase their organization again. The work they do is amazing and they are so generous in their giving.

Fast forward to Sunday night, I’m walking home when I get a call from an unknown number. Sure enough it’s Joe Hurston calling from Haiti. He wanted to thank me and told me what he and Parvati had done.  Apparently his plane, the Ti Burik, had been getting serviced, so he reached out to another friend who flew the four of them down there.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

Joe and Parvati were delivering supplies and they came across a Pastor Joe knew from previous trips. The Pastor had become quite sick, and wasn’t able to see the best Doctors to really get an idea about what was the problem. Joe was able to bring him to one of Haiti’s top hospitals where they were going to get another opinion.

Joe told me that he was getting the urge to go back to Haiti, he felt he had a reason, but his plane being painted, and their organization’s financial situation had not allowed him to get back down as soon as he’d liked. Had he not been down there because of Parvati, and because of the generosity of his partners, that Pastor may not have received the appropriate medical attention. And we can’t forget the many people in Haiti right now who are feeling the effects of Joe Hurston, Air Mobile Ministries and their friends, and Parvati Shallow.

Parvati's Journey
Parvati’s Journey

I really love what I get to do to help clients, but it’s stories like these that are for the love of helping others that make me want to keep connecting and growing my relationships through Social Media. There are many stories like this one that have shown the power of people in numbers, and I’m glad to have been able to experience and be able to share it with you. If you have any compelling stories feel free to share them in the comments below.

The Hurston Family and Air Mobile Ministries are in need of funds to continue to bring their message and aid to the people (especially the children) of Haiti. If you can donate anything, please click the link below.

Donate Money to Air Mobile Ministries

If you can’t donate any money, spread this article on, so others can learn about the work they’re doing! Thank you.


11 thoughts on “How a Tweet May Have Saved a Pastor’s Life (and Hundreds of others)

  1. Nick, Social Media is all about connecting the dots, and you have clearly done that in a big way in this instance. It’s amazing how every action we take can become something that affects people’s lives. Keep up the good work and thanks for spreading the message about Air Mobile Ministries!

  2. Left a donation, and spread the good word! Rock on Nick Cicero. Keep on making us proud…and don’t forget where you came from 😉

  3. Cicero: this is truly the definition of social media, bringing people together and facilitating positive action. Whether in political arenas, functioning as a real-time news wire, as tool for #crowdsourcing, there are so many practical applications for social media, we’re still learning and evolving as we move forward and technology grows. Parvati’s story is a great example of that synergy.

  4. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing this! Whoever say’s social
    media is a waste of time, isn’t using it to it’s full abilities. God
    is amazing and works through all of us to make amazing things happen.
    It’s up to us to listen and follow through … I’m looking forward to
    more fastenating stories that God has in store for Parvati!!!
    Thank you all … for all that you do!

  5. awesome Nick~ I am so hooked on this show, just found it a few days ago. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to get Parvati to Windsor CO but it’s one of the things that I keep thinking about. I just love how Social Media is running the show and I love the energy of all the peeps that are getting involved as well as the good that is coming from it. I will share your story and I’ll just keep sharing all the stories that are happening from this Grand Adventure and if it’s meant to be, we’ll get her here ; )

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