Zuckerberg F8 Keynote Reveals Facebook as a Gateway to Creating New Memories

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook announced a huge redesign of its site moving forward into a completely Facebook-centric social experience. As a registered Facebook developer I was able to join the beta-test, and right now I can say that it looks awesome. Here are my top 3 takeaways from today’s announcement (in no particular order):

1. I love the large header image at the top of the page. Totally amazing and totally taken directly from Myspace. Tom your check is in the mail.

2. Timeline. In essence, timeline turns your profile into a digital scrapbook of your life from first steps to first tweets. It’s beautiful, it’s customizible, and it’s about to change the way we interact online.

3. App integration within the timeline is going to be a new experience. I look forward to seeing all the developers come together to create unique but integrated experiences inside the browser. As someone who is a huge music geek, being able to showcase artists is important to me. While a website and traditional blog is great the ability to create a new experience for my content on Facebook is an awesome opportunity.

The timeline address the great question of what happens to our memories as we share more and more of them online and not in more traditional fixed mediums…hence the scrapbook analogy. What they are there to do is encourage, capture, and celebrate spontaneity and beauty of moments in our lives. It’s really meant to celebrate the social nature of society, a core human need.

It’s great that there are differing viewpoints by the minute, and we’re experiencing a culture shift in real-time that will be well-written in history books forever.

Nick Cicero


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