On Ideas Client Catlin Group announces Seaview Survey 2012 with Google

This morning we’re proud to announce that our client the Catlin Group has announced their 2012 Seaview Survey  in collaboration with the University at Queensland and Google. This study will be gathering research on many uncharted portions of the ocean with a slew of brand new equipment.

From the Catlin site:

The Seaview Survey is a major scientific expedition that will include the first comprehensive study to document the composition and health of sections of the Great Barrier Reef across an unprecedented range of depths.

The scientific data gathered by the Catlin Seaview Survey will strengthen the understanding of how climate change and other environmental changes are likely to affect ocean ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef, said the Survey’s science advisor, Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg of the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland.

Stephen Catlin, Chief Executive of Catlin Group Limited, said:

“Catlin is sponsoring the Catlin Seaview Survey so that experts can obtain the objective scientific data they require to make more reliable conclusions about the impact of climate and environmental changes on our oceans and our planet as a whole. We’re proud to be part of the team leading this pioneering project.

“As an insurer, Catlin offers our clients protection against many types of risks, so it is natural that we should play a leading role in sponsoring research to learn more about the risks of tomorrow.”

Google is collaborating with the Catlin Seaview Survey and is working on a new feature on Panoramio (which links photos to locations), so that the 360-degree panoramic images can be uploaded and made available to millions of people worldwide. Approximately 50,000 panoramas from the Catlin Seaview Survey will eventually be accessible on Google Earth and Google Maps. The project will also have a dedicated YouTube channel and the ability to broadcast Google+ ‘Hangouts’, which allows people to watch live streams of the expedition team from the ocean floor.

Here at On Ideas we’re excited to be supporting such an innovative study to learn how we can better the future for the next generation. It’s an honor to be working with forward thinking clients like Catlin who, with last year’s Arctic Survey and this year’s Seaview Survey, truly demonstrate that ideas fuel the continued success of the world.

You can learn more about the Catlin Seaview Survey here: http://www.catlinseaviewsurvey.com/


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