Announcing the return of the SUxSW Mixtape Volume 2

SXSW’s Music Festival has been a historical springboard of exposure for thousands of bands to record labels and publishing companies. But the world has changed, musicians can’t rely just on album sales or touring alone…you need to diversify your career if you want to make money in the music business world. SXSW has expanded and with the interactive and film components as well as music, there’s a lot of people to throw your name at.

So last year to help promote the wealth of musical creativity that exists within the Syracuse University community, Bandier and the iSchool teamed up to create the SUxSW Mixtape. This mixtape was distributed and promoted online through social networks, and also via QR download cards passed out throughout SXSW. (Also featured on a number of blogs, radio shows, and even

The success was huge. We received tracks from more than 50 students and alums, and in the end the Mixtape had more than 2,000 downloads from more than 50 countries!

Because of last year’s success, we’re doing it again. So we need any and all CURRENT AND FORMER SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS who are pursuing a music career in some way shape or form to submit your act’s track to our mixtape. We will be doing the same thing as we did last year, passing out QR codes with a Bandcamp download.

Working with Producer/Composer and Newhouse alum Nick Cicero (Konvict, G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam, Universal, Ford Motor Company, A&E and more) we will be accepting submissions from current and former students who want their band (or music) featured on the compilation. Starting now and ending March 6th, you can submit up to (but no more than) 3 MP3’s to

The coolest part about this promotion is that we create a Syracuse-branded mixtape in just under a week that showcases the diversity of Syracuse’s music scene to the entire world. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

To listen to last year’s tape visit here:

Once again: Starting now and ending March 6th, you can submit up to (but no more than) 3 MP3’s to


Include the following in the body of your email:




Personal Facebook

Personal Twitter

Band/Artist Facebook

Band/Artist Twitter

Band/Artist Blog/Website

Brief Bio (No more than 60-70 words)

Get the word out. Tweet, Facebook, Blog, Share, this is to show the world the talent in Cuse!


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