Facebook Double Checking to Confirm a Comment Now?

In one week I’ll be heading to Mashable Connect in Orlando Florida. I went to leave a comment on the Mashable Facebook page and I received this message (posted below) before posting a comment. I have never seen this before. Now there are about three things that come to mind when I see this. 1. Why did this appear for me? 2. Why does it do it over and over? 3. How do I make it go away?

Lately I’ve been working a lot with anti-bullying movements. I spoke on two news broadcasts about the issue, and in these interviews I told students they should not be afraid to flag posts for content etc. Maybe someone is flagging me?

Facebook is tightening up their filters and trying to keep only relevant posts and comments in play?

Mashable is a preferred Facebook partner, so they’re getting special treatment? I tried this on Luigi’s Italian Ice and the rapper Freeway’s page with no message. I tried on my clients Miami Subs and Winn-Dixies pages and nothing.

Isn’t that interesting?



Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Party Recap

The 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Party was held at the St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. As the team traded up to the 5th pick from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to draft Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon, the crowd went wild. This NFL season promises to be something Duval County won’t soon forget! Khan You Dig It?!?

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Party Recap

If you’re a Jaguars fan you need to join the Bold City Brigade, a great fan organization for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Check their Facebook page for all the info: https://www.facebook.com/BoldCityBrigade

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Bold City Brigade shirt

Always finding her way in the thick of the action, @TheMissRuiz grabs some shots of the crowd.

Thanks to Pepsi, PRI Productions, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cox Media who had live remotes, BlackFinn Grill for the tasty Calamari before the party, and of course Anheuser Busch for all the tasty Buds. Here we go!

foursquare Day Jacksonville Party

What is foursquare Day?

foursquare Day is held every year on April 16th. A grass roots event started by Tampa fans of foursquare in 2010, it quickly spread to communities all over the world. foursquare Day is celebrated differently in each community. Some people have parties, some have lectures, and some simply check in.

Jacksonville’s #4sqday Party

Social Media Club Jacksonville hosted a great event at Fionn MacCool’s in the Jacksonville Landing. The weather was perfect, not too hot not too cold, and we were signing up a lot of people for foursquare right there! In order to welcome the newbies, and give a little local flair to the day, I created a badge guide that details how to unlock certain foursquare bases here around Jacksonville. While we had intended this to be a limited edition kind of thing, the response has been overwhelming and we’re releasing the guide as a PDF. Nothing fancy here, just a great guide of some fun places to get out and explore in Jacksonville!

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George Zimmerman Jacksonville Press Conference Live Blog

6:30pm – Presser over.

6:20pm – I’m now posted up inside the WESH truck, waiting for the rest of the media to file out.

6:16pm – “This is the criminal justice system…people’s rights have to be protected!” – Angela Corey

6:11pm – More questions from the audience, Corey praises the rights of our legal system

6:10pm – Just spoke to a Jax PD captain. George Zimmerman is NOT in custody here, and is NOT going to be at our jail. “but they won’t believe it”

6:07pm – Angela Corey announces that Zimmerman is in custody and charged with second degree murder.

6:00pm – Angela Corey starts her press conference “continue to pray”

5:49pm – Congresswoman Corrine Brown being interviewed

5:45pm – Media is filing into the courthouse for the press conference

5:40pm – there is a couple with a cooler and a picnic basket closer to the entrance than any member of the media out here…no idea why

5:38pm – BREAKING: AP reports Zimmerman will be charged with Second Degree Murder and is In custody.

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The Geico Gecko hangs with Richard Simmons in Vegas #GeckoVegas

When you’re an internationally recognized symbol of the color green, you’re going to have a wild night in Las Vegas. The Geico Gecko had a wild ride, and made it sweat with one, Richard Simmons. Check out the highlights below and connect using #GeckoVegas



Disclaimer I was given a free perk because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Skype Makes for a Happy Easter

Is there anything better than seeing your family on the holidays? Being a northern boy lost in Florida I don’t really get to see my family as much as I used to when I lived in Syracuse. Holidays have always been really special, and it gets tough to fly home to see everyone. Thanks to Skype, I didn’t miss a beat at the family Easter Lunch.

Gram, Mom, and Sis
Papa and Gram
My dad with all my grandparents

WAPE Big Ape Takes over Pure Friday Night

Come out to PURE Nightclub off of Phillips Highway in Jacksonville tonight for the Big Ape Takeover hosted by 95.1 WAPE with Kane and DJ Rincon spinning. I went out a few weeks ago and the club was electric. Great drinks, hot beats and lots of room to dance, they’re there hosting a great party.

Make sure to follow WAPE on Twitter and Like them on Facebook! 

Check out some of the photos below: