George Zimmerman Jacksonville Press Conference Live Blog

6:30pm – Presser over.

6:20pm – I’m now posted up inside the WESH truck, waiting for the rest of the media to file out.

6:16pm – “This is the criminal justice system…people’s rights have to be protected!” – Angela Corey

6:11pm – More questions from the audience, Corey praises the rights of our legal system

6:10pm – Just spoke to a Jax PD captain. George Zimmerman is NOT in custody here, and is NOT going to be at our jail. “but they won’t believe it”

6:07pm – Angela Corey announces that Zimmerman is in custody and charged with second degree murder.

6:00pm – Angela Corey starts her press conference “continue to pray”

5:49pm – Congresswoman Corrine Brown being interviewed

5:45pm – Media is filing into the courthouse for the press conference

5:40pm – there is a couple with a cooler and a picnic basket closer to the entrance than any member of the media out here…no idea why

5:38pm – BREAKING: AP reports Zimmerman will be charged with Second Degree Murder and is In custody.

5:30pm – Take a walk behind the scenes of covering a breaking news event with me following Matt Augustine of WOKV Watch Video

5:13pm – CNN is setting up in front of the courthouse

5:04pm – Police have stationed units around streets around the areas of Bay and Market Streets

5:00pm – one hour to presser, the annex is getting full of press and suits. CBS Miami just showed up, they were moving!

As news cameras scramble to get their shots in and jockey for best position outside the Florida State Attorney’s offices the police are locking down the perimeter. I’m on the corner of E.Bay and Market and will be providing updates.


Live outside of the courthouse in Jacksonville for the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin Press Conference. News stations are already stacked up




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