foursquare Day Jacksonville Party

What is foursquare Day?

foursquare Day is held every year on April 16th. A grass roots event started by Tampa fans of foursquare in 2010, it quickly spread to communities all over the world. foursquare Day is celebrated differently in each community. Some people have parties, some have lectures, and some simply check in.

Jacksonville’s #4sqday Party

Social Media Club Jacksonville hosted a great event at Fionn MacCool’s in the Jacksonville Landing. The weather was perfect, not too hot not too cold, and we were signing up a lot of people for foursquare right there! In order to welcome the newbies, and give a little local flair to the day, I created a badge guide that details how to unlock certain foursquare bases here around Jacksonville. While we had intended this to be a limited edition kind of thing, the response has been overwhelming and we’re releasing the guide as a PDF. Nothing fancy here, just a great guide of some fun places to get out and explore in Jacksonville!


Signing Adam Causey up for foursquare


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