Facebook Double Checking to Confirm a Comment Now?

In one week I’ll be heading to Mashable Connect in Orlando Florida. I went to leave a comment on the Mashable Facebook page and I received this message (posted below) before posting a comment. I have never seen this before. Now there are about three things that come to mind when I see this. 1. Why did this appear for me? 2. Why does it do it over and over? 3. How do I make it go away?

Lately I’ve been working a lot with anti-bullying movements. I spoke on two news broadcasts about the issue, and in these interviews I told students they should not be afraid to flag posts for content etc. Maybe someone is flagging me?

Facebook is tightening up their filters and trying to keep only relevant posts and comments in play?

Mashable is a preferred Facebook partner, so they’re getting special treatment? I tried this on Luigi’s Italian Ice and the rapper Freeway’s page with no message. I tried on my clients Miami Subs and Winn-Dixies pages and nothing.

Isn’t that interesting?



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