Facebook releases new Page Manager App for iOS

First posted on the On Ideas Blog

Finally Facebook Page Management for brands gets it’s own application on iOS, appearing in the App store Monday
afternoon in the US. After connecting with your Facebook profile, any brand pages with admin rights appear in the app’s navigation screen.

From the App Store description

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in oneplace.

– Post new updates and photos as your Page
– Get notified about new activity on your Page when it happens, no matter where you are
– Respond, post and comment as your Page while you’re on-the-go
– Manage all your Facebook Pages from one app
– View your latest Page Insights

The navigation functions pretty much as a full menu of options for brands, including sharing status updates and photos plus a snap shot of insights. It is missing the message functionality for pages, but one would imagine that will be added.

As Facebook evolves as a publicly traded company they’re starting to roll out a lot of new features. With new application feed changes, increased sponsored content, and now this iPhone Page Management App, Facebook is definitely looking to increase their value for brands on the site.

Page admins can use the app on the go to post photos from events or in-store quick and easy. Since it’s new, it’s still unknown what this will do for Facebook’s Edgerank. One note, you may want to run off the notifications if you have a high traffic page. Great for posting, not for notification alarms around the clock.

Have you downloaded the app? What are your thoughts if you are a community manager or anyone who manages a Facebook page?


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