Admin Roles and Scheduled Posts come to Facebook

Once again Facebook is rolling out new brand-focused features for Pages, this time making a play at a number of third-party apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck with the introduction of Admin Roles and Scheduled Posts today on the site.

Admin Roles

Page Managers can assign an admin to one of five unique roles, Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst. By default, all admins are managers.

Looking at these roles in the chart below from the official Facebook support page, they’re aiming to make the process as easy as possible for brands partnering with outside agencies for their community management, media buying, or statistical research.

Scheduling Posts

One of the biggest hurdles for any business to overcome is the time and resources needed to push content out on Facebook. Now with scheduled posts right inside Facebook, brands can focus on content (and spend more time) on the platform.

To schedule a post, enter your status update, then select the clock icon. Options asking for year, month, day, hour, then minute all appear as scheduling parameters.

Posts can be scheduled up to six months in advance (I tried a Merry Christmas post with no luck) and scheduled every 15 minutes.

This move is extremely smart for Facebook as a publicly traded company for three reasons:

1. Ideally, this increases the time spent on their site by eliminating the need to use what could be considered the main benefit of certain third-party apps.

2. They need to entice the next wave of social marketers, those who may have not really gotten interested in Facebook truly since the IPO launch. Now they have a slew of tools for brands right from the start.

3. They show the industry that they’re listening to the needs of their existing brands, and improving their ad tools as the market (and innovations in tech) dictates.

For many brands, especially global corporations, there are multiple agencies working on one social media strategy. The ability to add an admin and set them only to create ads is a huge step for increasing the workflow and collaborative process between brands and their agencies.
With the ease of collaboration in place, marketers and social managers will have more time to focus on the quality and creativity of the content they bring…further increasing the value of a Page to a fan, which in turn increases the value of a Page to brand.


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