New Twitter Account Finds and Shares your Debit Card Information

People will share just about anything these days. From pics of their license, to important documents (like X-rays) and of course every last thing they ate. But some things, like Debit Cards, should never ever be snapped.

Enter: @needadebitcard – The account scours Twitter’s search for people posting photos of their Debit card and then serves them up for the world to see.

There have been a number of these privacy projects popping up online for a while now. I remember fondly the foursquare hack and the recently well-publicized We Know What You’re Doing by Callum Haywood.

When will people learn that the internet is open for all to see and hear. If you put it online, it will be found…and putting your debit card online is just about the dumbest thing you can do.


Facebook adds a Timeline Link next to your friends’ names in chat

After reporting just after midnight EST that Facebook had added an easy switch voice option for brands, this morning we find more updates. It would appear that they have added an address book icon, encouraging anyone to visit a friend’s timeline right from the news feed.

These little cues hopefully generate more page and profile views benefitting both Facebook’s business initiatives of increased traffic and ad revenue, but also their site’s initiatives: keeping people connected.


What do you think of this?

Hubspot and Hootsuite aim to “Close the Loop” of Social Marketing

Today Hootsuite and Hubspot announced a new strategic partnership and app integration with aims to “close the loop” in social media marketing.

Hubspot has long been known for their innovations in inbound marketing and social media. By developing a system to easily create and spread marketing content, they have given thousands of companies the ability to track and nurture leads online. A partnership with a social media management platform like Hootsuite means they are able to marry your marketing leads with your “social grid.”

So what does this mean for you?

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