Soundrop to host the first-ever House Party on Spotify

As Spotify apps continue to grow and connect music lovers with new artists, Soundrop has emerged as one of the fastest-growing apps on the platform. Today they are throwing the first live house party in a Spotify App with internationally renowned DJs Sebastian Ingrosso (of Swedish House Mafia fame) and fellow Swede Alesso spinning user-voted tracks and chatting live.

Soundrop is a crowd based social music hangout created by four self-described “hackers and entrepreneurs with a passion for making music on the web more social.” Users can listen with Facebook or Twitter friends in themed rooms, submit or cast their vote for the next song played and then chat about it, all from within the Spotify app.

After launching last November, the social jukebox has attracted a number of prominent major label, independent artists, and music festivals. Artists like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray, The Smiths, Iron Maiden, Sigur Rós, One Direction, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are just a few participants of the many branded community rooms where fans can come together to listen and share their favorite group’s tracks.

Today’s event comes to you live through the Soundrop app on Spotify from 2-3pm EST click here to listen.


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