Add ASUS to the Epic Twitter #FAIL List with Butt Tweet

ASUS has joined the ranks of other brand twitter gaffes with its latest tweet. Apparently featuring the rear of one of their promo models, the tweet joked: “This rear looks pretty nice, so does the new transformer AIO”


Thanks to Twitter user Melissa:!/0xabad1dea for the now-deleted photo.

When will brands learn? As a social media strategist I often dabble in community management for my clients. Yes there are a number of situations that arise that are hilarious and make for funny FAILS like this one…but you don’t want to be the brand to publicly put it out. Someone like ASUS who is already behind in the hardware game should recognize that. Besides, with a generally lower price point on their products, you might not want to alienate the decision makers who might be buying inexpensive laptops for their kids.

Good work ASUS. Thanks for the laugh at your expense. Hope you have a good crisis team.

UPDATE: Asus exec: Google ‘targeting Amazon’ with upcoming tablet…


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