Facebook adds new “Voice” Link in Nav Bar for page admins

A new addition to Facebook pages discovered early Thursday morning adds a “Voice” link in the page navigation bar at the top of the window. With a strikingly obvious blue bar across the window the site adds the command line:

You are posting, commenting, and liking as (your name) — Change to (your page).

This new feature allows community managers or anyone operating as a page to easily post as the brand and quickly switch back to your own personal account without going into the admin section. Before this change, page admins would have to manually turn on or off if they were commenting as a certain page or themselves in the page settings.


One thought on “Facebook adds new “Voice” Link in Nav Bar for page admins

  1. This new feature seems to have caused a problem of now not being able to access some pages from the admin section, which is more of a pain, as you cannot trawl your page ‘home-page’ easily to share/comment on others posts.

    This only happens on one page I’m admin on, the rest are fine, but it’s mighty annoying. I would gladly loose ‘my voice’!

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