Forecast App Shutting Down July 1st

Forecast, a social meet up application from Hurricane Party Inc. is shutting down the app’s functionality on July 1st. Citing a lack of resources as the reason for the shutdown, the company sent out the farewell emails to app users signed from René Pinnell and Team Forecast as you can read below:

The time has come for Forecast to shut its doors.  Starting on July 1, our mobile apps and website will not work.

Although we’re passionate about building great products that help people connect in the real world, we have run out of resources to keep the Forecast project afloat. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to try our app, and we hope that it brought you some value.

Forecast filled a gap where other location services fall short, you can “check-in” to all these awesome places, but unless you live close enough like a NYC or SF, it’s nearly impossible to get to the location in time to make those spontaneous meet ups happen.

For me, I just never had any friends using it, so it was useless.

There’s definitely a market for social event planning, but the ability to achieve a sustainable growth model to make money in that market is another story.

I wish all the forward thinking folks at Hurricane Party and Team Forecast the best of luck, because their efforts certainly were appreciated by this guy.


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