New Twitter Account Finds and Shares your Debit Card Information

People will share just about anything these days. From pics of their license, to important documents (like X-rays) and of course every last thing they ate. But some things, like Debit Cards, should never ever be snapped.

Enter: @needadebitcard – The account scours Twitter’s search for people posting photos of their Debit card and then serves them up for the world to see.

There have been a number of these privacy projects popping up online for a while now. I remember fondly the foursquare hack and the recently well-publicized We Know What You’re Doing by Callum Haywood.

When will people learn that the internet is open for all to see and hear. If you put it online, it will be found…and putting your debit card online is just about the dumbest thing you can do.


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