Twitter tests out “Trending Events”

If  you’re watching the London Olympics this year, you may be one of the millions interacting with athletes, countries, getting your account suspended or generally just chatting with each other on Twitter. As the official “curator” of the 2012 Games, Twitter’s strategic partnership with NBC has extended beyond ads and “Hashtag pages” to include Twitter TV promos during commercial breaks, and today they continued their integration with the “Trending event” distinction given to Serena Williams, who won the Gold medal this morning in the Women’s Single’s Tennis event.

Notice the trending event badge present next to her name. This is another way Twitter is bringing people together and adding additional context to the trending topics so people can join the conversation. Note that the badge appears only when you have “tailored trends turned on,” I turned them off to see the world wide trends and it was no longer present.

Could this be a sign of a new Twitter advertising product for media companies like TV Networks and sports organizations? Could this extend into the non-profit sector with a worldwide digital blood drive?

Leave your thoughts below on the future of Twitter and the curation of events.


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