Electoral Klout: Paul Ryan is influential in Diarrhea and Adolf Hitler

Twitter has been on fire since Rep. Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate in the 2012 Election. But policies and parties aside, some pranksters took to Klout to show just how influential the newly-announced VP candidate is on social media.

It would appear as Rep. Paul Ryan has seen not only a spike in his Twitter followers since the launch of his new Twitter account, but also his influence in some certain topics…namely Diarrhea, Adolf Hitler, and Pokemon among others.

Diarrhea and Hitler I get, but Pokemon? Now THAT influence could seriously help with some foreign policy (all jokes aside there is an open job with Pokemon).

And it goes on…my personal favorite is cloth diapers.

Here’s the spike in Klout score for Ryan since he launched his VP Twitter account.

Note that the Klout Bomb is not a new tactic, Rick Santorum felt the pain earlier this year.


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