Facebook engineer airs out “10 Things I hate about Working at Facebook”

Update: I’m catching some flack because this was a joke post, but I thought it was funny and worth posting about…besides every interview should include a hot tub.

Facebook engineer Philip Su aired out some “frustrations” he felt with working at Facebook.

While Su elaborates on each list item in detail I’ve pulled the ten main points:

1. There is way too much code being committed and shipped.
2. There are too few meetings.
3. Zuck is too involved.
4. There is no focus on short-term revenue
5. The food is too good
6. Too many decisions are being made by engineers
7. Too many products are being built at hackathons
8. All the internal focus on Mobile and Platform is completely misguided
9. There is a fully-working hot tub in the New York office that interviews are conducted in.
10. There is too much internal trust.

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  1. Not that hard to see that this post was written in jest. The food being too good didn’t tip you off? 🙂

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