Instacube launches on Kickstarter

After months of patiently waiting, Instacube finally launches today on Kickstarter.

In case you haven’t already heard from my tweets or posts, Instacube is a really awesome marriage of design and social interaction in one gorgeous cube. Basically by liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.

“When designing Instacube, I was inspired by the idea of creating a living canvas,” says John Whaley, Head Industrial Designer at D2M | Design to Matter and visionary behind Instacube. “Up until this point, Instagram has been a very inward, pocket-sized experience. With Instacube, our Instagram feed becomes an outward expression. Now we can enjoy our Instagrams as they happen, and appreciate them in full-­scale for the pieces of art they are.”

I met Savannah Peterson, Manager of Business Development, Marketing & PR for D2M | Design to Matter at the Mashable Connect Conference this past May. She was one of the more outspoken and active participants on the event’s social site before, during, and after, so we truly clicked as just friends.

Next thing you know it’s three months later, I’m building them an Instacube sweepstakes app on Facebook (which you can enter now) and today the D2M team rolls out their Kickstarter project (which you can begin backing here). It’s go time.

The design is awesome, the concept is killer, you should back the project (or at least register to win one). I’ll be waiting to find the first musician who shoots a music video behind a wall of Instacubes with live fans streaming photos behind them.

Disclosure: Instacube and D2M asked me to build a Facebook app for them. I did it for free….so I really don’t need a disclaimer, just go back their project.

UPDATE: The Instacube has been funded! You can still enter to win one here and also purchase one here.


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