Old Spice turns sweat into sounds with Muscle Music

Terry Crews and Old Spice have teamed up once again to wipe the sweat off the pectorals and into the recording booth with their latest Muscle Music spot on Vimeo.

The spot shows Crews strapped up to a number of sensors all over his body (watching the spot will show you just how many instruments Crews can isolate with his back muscles alone) playing beats on a number of found objects.

It doesn’t end there though, besides a hilarious spot, when it’s over you can actually record your own version. The keys on the keyboard are assigned to different sounds, with the number keys turning on a number of drum loops.

This video spot reminds me of the Red Bull (is it Red Bull? Please confirm) skateboard stunt You Tube video, where they used the number keys to control different tricks in the playback queue.

Like any good Old Spice experience, there are definitely a few easter eggs hidden in there for users to play around with. Leave a link to your creation below!


2 thoughts on “Old Spice turns sweat into sounds with Muscle Music

  1. I can’t say I have a version of my own. However, it is funny how they are using this Old Spice guy. I mean, does it really encourage people to try their brand? Yes it does, actually. Most people in this world unfortunately are not that bright.

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