Onesheet Profile opens up the Onesheet platform beyond musicians

With the success of Onesheet as a place for musicians to easily create a one sheet splash page for their band or act, the company discovered (as anyone who has check Onesheet has) that it is a great place to create splash pages for just about anything…not just music.

So this weekend in an email to members, Onesheet announced that they were opening up the platform as a visual social attribution network with Onesheet Profiles, with the original Onesheet being renamed Onesheet Splash pages the product an all-premium product.

Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights of the new Onesheet, the full list is on their blog post:

  • Highlighted Media. Pick the video or audio that shows off why you’re awesome and add it to the top of your new Onesheet. It’s big, bold, and the #1 thing people will see when they get to your page.
  • Press. You get lots of great press, but there’s never been room on Onesheet to show that off. The new Onesheet solves that and makes adding the press exceptionally easy. Just add the URL for the article that’s been written about you and we’ll pull in the title, blurb, and image. You can (and should) add all your press to your Onesheet in minutes.
  • Endorsements. Ask people you’ve worked with to visibly endorse you. It is further validation of your skills, and tells others that you are reliable and good at what you do.
  • Tags. You can add what skills you have, what instruments you play, etc.. Adding this structured information will make you a lot easier to find.
  • Privacy. You can password protect any new project Onesheet. This means if you have a new single, movie, album, or other project that you want to share with people, you can build a Onesheet for it and only allow access to those that should have it. Plus, you can track if that actually accessed it!
  • Content from the Web. We’ve long believed that if you’re publishing content around the web, it should be easy to pull into your Onesheet. The new Onesheet is no different. Many of the pages stay up to day with content from other sites!

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