Where were you on 9/11?

On September 11th 2001, I was at Durgee Jr. High School in Baldwinsville, NY. Around 9 or so I was sitting in Madame Mincolla’s French class next to Kara Carrino. We had just settled in and were taking out our verb sheets to practice French verbs. This was one of my favorite classes because Madame was a sweet older italian woman who made the class fun, and she was the type of teacher who always was “real” with us.

There was an announcement of a Code Blue, which is basically a generic emergency lockdown. She waited for the phone to ring, and immediately after picking up the phone you could tell something weird was happening. The whole class was looking around talking to each other wondering what was wrong, and she actually raised her voice and told us to quiet down so she could hear.

After she hung up, she came to the class and calmly said…the World Trade Center in New York City was bombed by terrorists…we’re all going to stay here a little longer before we move to the next class. (This was before we found out it was actually plane crashes, a little bit of panic on the telephone I assume)

Moving from class to class it was a conversation between the entire school about who had family, or what other connection were shared, and the fear that comes with that. I knew a few friends who had family in the building, and (obviously) an entire nation rallied around the cause and came together closer than we may have ever been.

Today, take a moment to remember. Never Forget.


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