One Million People share Fake Powerball Winner’s Ticket on Facebook

Social media can topple nations, root out criminals, and find lost dogs. Today, cash ruled everything around it. Facebook user Nolan Daniels posted a photo of his Powerball ticket around 10 p.m. Thursday evening, claiming:

Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!

Nolan Daniels powerball ticket

After going through the social ringer, many sites like Gawker and Huffington Post found that the numbers were right, but the ticket, not real at all. While his Powerball ticket isn’t a winner, Daniels sure is. In under 24 hours the post has now gained in excess of 1 Million shares.

What a wild week where we have seen a number of stories about people, companies, and more purchasing tickets for the record jackpot and leveraging that in social media:

Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, offered to split the winnings with anyone who retweeted him.

Mashable reported that more than 5,000 Instagram users tagged their tickets.

What is it about the lottery that drives people batty? As the New York State Lotto slogan rings in the back of my mind, you only need a little bit of luck.

Want to see what a guy looks like when he wins $587.5 Million? Check out the real winner.


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