Livefyre Launches NewsHub at International CES

I’m just going to preface this by saying that I am a new employee at Livefyre. I took over the Lead Social Stategist position in December, and have been loving working with the team ever since. There’s my disclosure.

The future of consumption is changing.

Since the widespread adoption of social media, the general populous receives media in more unique ways than ever before.

HuffPo now posts on Instagram. The Associated Press is selling an in-tweet sponsorship, and The New York Times pins. While these don’t look like your typical byline, they create unique and interesting engagement opportunities every day.

But it’s not just about the quality of news stories, or the diversity of rich media being shared to a community that creates interaction. It’s the inherent meaning behind all these collisions of media that make ideas worth spreading and engaging with. And to determine that meaning, you first need to figure out a way to easily consume the top news in real-time.

Fortunately, our team at Livefyre eats, sleeps and breathes social, so today we’re proud to announce a new product, “Livefyre NewsHub”;  a one-stop destination for real-time news, social content and updates about events. Our first to launch is the CES NewsHub, covering all aspects of the Las Vegas event.

livefyre newshub CES #2013ces

From leading online media publishers like Mashable, CNET, Engadget, Time and Fox News to social networks like Twitter and Instagram, with the Livefyre CES NewsHub we’re tracking all the hottest conversations taking the consumer electronics industry by storm.

Everything we do here at Livefyre revolves around creating and curating real-time social interaction. Explore the CES NewsHub and you’ll find:

  • A news aggregate, tracking the most buzzed about articles on CES from leading tech sites and blogs
  • Curated tweets and photos coming from top journalists and other attendees at the event
  • Real-time Streams of social media tweets and images on brands making product announcements at the show so you can easily see who is generating the most conversation.

So whether you’re attending the event or not, you can be in the middle of the action and see the people, products and companies that are driving conversations during the week.

Visit  to track the top conversations happening each day, and add your thoughts by using #2013CES and #CES .Be sure to look for upcoming Livefyre NewHubs to be revealed soon for future events.

Don’t forget to meet with our team on-site at the event this week:

Scot Gensler, VP Business Development

Jenna Langer, VP Customer Experience

Robb Miller, Director of Sales

Jay Prasad, Head of Strategic Sales


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