Did Facebook Add a New Like Page button to Story Shares for Publishers?

Today I was on Facebook and happened to like a story from Buzzfeed about the LinkedIn duping of this week. My friend Pam Moore shared the story on her profile as a link, not from the page, and when I clicked “Like” Facebook immediately prompted me to Like the page with a neat little pop-up that I have never seen before.

Facebook suggested content

What’s more interesting is the timing of this. Earlier this week a an article from Digiday that makes the claim: Many publishers are realizing Facebook won’t offer much salvation. Sure, it still drives plenty of traffic, but those numbers aren’t growing as fast — and in some cases, they’re going in reverse. Given a choice, a publisher would much rather have someone sign up for an email newsletter or even follow it on Twitter.

With more and more publishers creating unique experiences on-site or even on microsites, it’s clear that more news orgs are moving away from Facebook alone. Claims of diminished reach by all Page owners doesn’t help their case either.

Is Facebook working to help publishers build more audience? Or are they creating more noise by trying to funnel all content into their system?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Did Facebook Add a New Like Page button to Story Shares for Publishers?

  1. I feel like it almost makes the businesses themselves look a little desperate (whether the button is their fault or not). I tend to ignore the Like button for a lot of pages, especially with this new feature. Just because I liked a post that one of my friends also liked, doesn’t mean that I want all of that page’s updates. To me, it’s noise.

    How long do you think the button will last, you know, since Facebook is constantly being updated?

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