The iLoud is here – the best way to jam on the go

I’ve been a fan of IK Multimedia for years now and am pretty pumped about their new iLoud portable stereo speaker. If you’re like me and always jam on the go, you’ll know that the toughest part is being able to hear the music you’re making clearly.

From hotel rooms to the back of tour buses and trains, a jam can start anywhere. Unlike other portable speakers, the iLoud gives you the ability to not only play back your own music from an iPhone or iPod, but plug in your guitar or keyboard and start playing along.


What’s also cool is that iLoud has a built-in iRig for directly connecting a guitar or a dynamic microphone, allowing you to take advantage of the real time sound processing of your favorite mobile apps. I wrote about a few apps you can use last year on Mashable, you can read here.

Product Features:

  • 40 W total musical power – twice as much as comparable size speakers
  • Superior low frequency extension and sound accuracy
  • Bluetooth and stereo analog line input
  • Battery powered with auto standby, 10 hours normal usage
  • iRig® input for guitars and dynamic mics for iPhone/iPad processing
  • Highly portable – easily fit in a laptop bag or a backpack
  • Ideal for music reproduction and music creation


iLoud is priced at $299.99/€239.99

For more information, go to:

iLoud ik multimedia 2iLoud ik multimedia


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