Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Today we celebrate the great people who build and connect others on the web.

I owe a lot to the culture of building community. It inspired me to pursue a career in the field, and the connections I have developed all ove rthe world have given me numerous opportunities. In fact it was a Community Builders group on Facebook where I met Jenna Langer, then community manager for a small startup called Livefyre, who would end up hiring me 3 years later and bringing me to San Francisco a year ago.

Today there are a lot of great events dedicated to community managers, I’ll be checking out the CMAD 24-hour Google Hangout and attending Scoop.it’s get together. The easiest way to get involved is just to connect with others using #CMAD.

I also want to thank Shelby and Marshall over at Little Bird for adding me to their list of the Top 100 Community Managers in the World for 2014.

“Here at Little Bird, we think the inspiration behind CMAD is awesome! It’s all about practitioners celebrating their own—with results much like Little Bird finds by analyzing real human activities in context and the peer-to-peer relationships those activities build. For the second year in a row, we decided to put our Little Bird discovery engine to good use for CMAD, to further uncover and recognize the most connected community managers of today.”

You can check out the full list here, follow these folks for expert community insight.



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