Syracuse University to add Mens Varsity Hockey

My friend @micdaugherty designed some killer @SyracuseU Men’s Varsity Hockey jersey concepts

Design M.D.

Well, not so fast…

2014 drawing board 2014 drawing board

At the ripe age of three my parents hauled our family off to the sunshine state. We played sports/outdoors year round, just not of the ice-winter variety. My earliest impressions or interest in hockey were of a NERF nature. The early ‘90s were watershed years for Disney’s The Mighty Ducks; below – Christmas ‘92 or 93 (notice the Milk Jug hockey masks and various extensions my sibling, cousins and I sourced for hockey sticks).

Garage League - '93 Garage League – 1992

In Florida there were no shortage of friends from Michigan ex-pats, so hockey happened. It was of the rollerblade and street nature, played with a ball and MacGyver’d goals/boards. We made do and used our imagination.

As I won’t be fulfilling an on-ice career, my passion and efforts for a connection/involvement with the sport has to manifest itself in other ways.

In Syracuse I was…

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