Twitter is a Content Platform So Why is the Content Experience Lacking?

Smart thoughts by Hunter Walk here.

Hunter Walk

I blog about Twitter almost as much as I tweet because it’s a product, a company and a team that I’m fond of (and in one case, very very fond). Also, their strengths and weaknesses remind me so much of YouTube – expression and communications platform with worldwide base and wide variety of uses, where 99% of content is uninteresting to a given user but their 1% is gold. And most everyone’s 1% is different.

Over the last few months it’s become more fashionable to think of Twitter’s future as one around content – both consumption of and discussion around. If indeed this is true north for casual user growth, there are two opportunities I’d want them to move faster to solve.

1) Twitter Cards: Show Preview for All Content Links

Nothing frustrates casual users like inconsistent experiences. What happens today when I click on a tweet which has a web…

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