Why Marco Arment Built A Podcast App


Developer Marco Arment isn’t exactly a household name, but that could depend on your household. As a frequent podcaster and writer, he’s taken on a somewhat polarizing role as a commentator on the Apple developer ecosystem. As a developer, he was Tumblr’s first employee and went on to create the still popular Instapaper (now owned by Betaworks) and iPad periodical The Magazine (now owned and operated by Glenn Fleishmann).

After Tumblr’s sale to Yahoo, Arment went on to shed his other holdings and become an ironically-self-labeled ‘analyst’. His posts on Marco.org are frequently upvoted on Hacker News, where he is then praised and/or vilified based on the current developer meta mentality.

But, over the past few months he’s been working on an app called Overcast, and it launched late last week. The app is a podcast player — which could sound like an odd niche to tackle —…

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