Is #AlexFromTarget Fake or Real?

I wrote an article about how Target should respond to the #AlexFromTarget Meme. Last night, it was been widely reported by CNET, Buzzfeed and others that some company is claiming responsibility for the #AlexfromTarget Meme. I think that’s a load of crap.

Here’s the article in question where the founder claims responsibility.

Now all the media are so willing to give him credit for this. I still am skeptical here, the Breakr CEO doesn’t seem to be telling the whole story. The media is seeking an answer for what’s unexplainable and they’re rushing to the first person to claim responsibility. Where’s the evidence?

I’m sure it’s what he wants his company to do in an ideal world, and I’m not knocking his company, but maybe it’s not all true?

Having worked with a number of influencer networks before like theAmplify (and even my own with Delmondo) the story is rather possible, but I’m just not buying it all the way through.

What I think is more believable is that this company MAY (and a big may because this is giving them serious credit that I still think is undeserved) hopped on a trend while it was early knowing that a certain number of factors made it a ripe conversation to blow (a fair nod to his fangirl-type targeting), and they probably then went ahead and amplified the hell out of it with a network of creators (there were a lot of solid videos going out in a short amount of time so that leads one to believe there was some communication ahead of time) but I would be surprised if they planned that from inception.

If so, hell of an ad campaign and my hat’s off to them.

Why else would the person who initally posted the photo go into hiding and now say she didn’t work with breakr? How come so many Vine and Youtube stars knew about this AlexFromTarget meme so fast? All good questions.

Despite where it started there were very real posts being created, many different memes sprung up and content was across multiple channels, and it’s a great example of why brands need to be listening to their audience in order to craft a message that resonates with them.


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