If Cuepoint was a magazine, these are what the covers might look like

I’m a sponge of music culture, and historically music magazines have been the definitive place for checking out awesome photography and long-form content about your favorite acts and stories in the music industry.

Some of my favorites growing up were Downbeat, Waxpoetics, Rolling Stone and Scratch Magazine.

The covers always fascinated me just as much as the content, and when I first started reading posts on Medium they had a very comfortable, magazine-like feel when you were scrolling down each article.

I’ve been a fan of Cuepoint since they first started pulling together articles on Medium as a formal collection.

You could tell there was a magazine cover just dying to break out of each post, so I decided to whip up some of their images for fun.

Here’s my interpretation if Cuepoint had magazine covers. Enjoy.

Oh and full disclosure, I’m not really a graphic designer, and would never consider myself much of an artist…this is just for fun.

gill-scott-cuepoint digging-cuepoint miles-davis-cuepoint lenny-cuepoint portishead-cuepoint


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