Nick Cicero is an accomplished social media strategist, writer and speaker who has helped thousands of individuals better understand their social media.

Previous and Future Speaking Engagements include:

Speaking Topics:

Visual Storytelling and the Rich Media Revolution – Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have been heralded as saviors of social, drawing impressive traffic in the past year. But how can businesses take advantage of these sites in a way that is strategic, and solves actual brand goals? In this session you will learn how to take your existing brand assets, and start telling your story through photos.

Using LinkedIn for Business – While “Maximizing LinkedIn for Business” places an emphasis on sales and marketing advice, “LinkedIn Corporate Strategies” includes advice for Human Resources and Recruiting professionals.  Learn to use the same features that sales and marketing use to assist in your social recruiting – and strengthen your corporate branding on LinkedIn.

How to use Twitter for Business Success – An introduction the popular microblogging platform, Twitter. Attendees will leave with a functional knowledge of the platform, as well as a significant emphasis on how to use hashtags, real-time tweeting of events, and how to build a large and meaningful following.

How to create a Successful Facebook Promotion – You have a Facebook page, you post great content, but now what? This session will teach participants how to develop a Facebook contest or other promotion on a budget, while still capturing invaluable customer information along the way.

Social Analytics: What is the Data Telling you? – Social media provides unbelievable data about customers, prospects, trends and more.  Unfortunately, the data can sometimes seem overwhelming and, as a result, is often sorely under utilized. Learn basic measurement strategies and how to best access and interpret the data to succeed in social.

The Context of Content – What is social content defined as today? How to leading content marketers use blogs, videos, whitepapers, eBooks and more to generate new business leads.

Defining your Social Media Hedgehog – Marketing in social media requires developing a methodology based on what’s important to your brand, not always the space. Join me as we take cues from Aesop’s fable, The Fox and the Hedgehog and learn how to “Define your Social Media Hedgehog” to create tangible goals for your social media strategy.

Blogging for Business: Actionable strategies to setting up and maintaining a blog for your company, from basics to intermediate level tactics.

Hip-Hop Social: Building Your Brand Online – From its inception as two turntables and a microphone, the hip hop culture has always used the tools around them , and today’s ecosystem is no different. As the digital and physical worlds merge, the role of musician has changed and so have the motivations behind creating music. The rise of digital artist who can now produce, record, promote, and sell from the same machine has created a low-barrier to entry offering a community and voice for independent musicians worldwide. This session is geared towards educating artists how to leverage paid, owned and earned media to build their brand in Hip Hop, while breaking through “regional act” status to make a sustainable career.


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