Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh
Nick Cicero is a highly motivated and knowledgeable content creator. His deep experience as a social marketing strategist — for brands, agencies and vendors — shines through in his work. He understands the value of and how to leverage online marketing, content creation, and community building. His skills would be a valuable addition to any organization that wants to produce quality results from their online marketing efforts.

Matthew Knell, VP of Social Media at
During my time working with Nick at Livefyre, he showed an ability to cut through a lot of the process and ridiculousness that enterprise software companies add to working towards a solution. He is smart, driven, focused and really better able to understand client needs from a use case and technical perspective. It was refreshing to work with him.

Kevin Spidel, Voice Media Group
We switched from Disqus to Livefyre. There were many “experts” on the platform within Livefyre, but little had real hands on social strategy to maximize the platform. Nick was the one who gave us some ideas, followed through with implementing these strategies and supported during execution. The guy is knowledgeable on the larger scope of how the web works with consumers. I look forward to working with him again on a future project.

Andrea Cook, Changeologist
Nick brings a high level of energy, positive attitude and enthusiasm to any room he walks into. I enjoyed working with Nick on the Social Fresh conference circuit. His charisma helps bring people together and is an excellent source for growing a meaningful community. He is smart, loyal and has a high level of knowledge in digital and social marketing.

Juan Sebastian Vasquez, colleague
“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Nick at two agencies and on a variety of accounts. We’ve worked on national brands, regional fast food chains, local start-ups, tech companies developing consumer-facing strategies, international B2B campaigns and more. Going into any project with Nick you know 2 things from the get-go: excellent, innovative ideas are coming and endless amounts of energy and effort will be pumped into the project. Nick will do great things as a professional and as a person, any company or organization would be lucky to have him within its arsenal of resources.”

Crista Geary, Freelance Creative
It was a breath of fresh air to work with Nick. He understood our vision and was able to help accomplish it seamlessly, on time and on budget. He brought new ideas to the table and was always accessible for our questions or concerns. It is beyond invaluable to have a digital partner who you can trust. If Nick says it can happen…it can!

Karyn Nesby, colleague
“Nick is an extraordinary talent in the world of Social Media. Nick is always on the forefront of what’s going on today and future advancements for social media and that’s exactly what you need in a strategist. Social Media is an ever-changing environment and Nick always manages to stay informed and at the top of his game. If there is a major social event in the country, Nick is there with phone in hand using every method of social communication to keep everyone informed. Don’t be surprised if he even tweets about late breaking news that he has eye-witnessed! Nick was a pleasure to work with; he enjoys advancing the social platform and removes barriers with his creativity. I worked with Nick on many projects and one great asset is that he is always willing to share his knowledge with the team. Nick is an excellent pitch artist and is definitely a rising star. Clients were always impressed with his ability to shed light on the wonderful possibilities of social media. Nick is not just a one-note wonder; he is a jack of all trades and a master of many. He is a musician, producer, entrepreneur, and if you follow @nickcicero you might even see an instagram of some impressive entrees he has cooked up. In the business world it’s only a matter of time when you need to improve your social strategy and when you do I highly recommend you contact Nick, since he’s only one tweet away.”

Darin Duehl, colleague
“Nick is a one of the most knowledgeable social media guru’s I have had the pleasure of working with. He is up to date on the latest advances, but also posses the knowledge and passion to use social media as a part of a larger, more traditional campaign.Nick’s strategic and creative thinking have been the basis for some extremely innovative and awareness building campaigns. He is a team player, hard worker and always strives for excellence in everything that he does. Nick would be an amazing asset to any team and I would recommend him to anyone thinking about hiring him.”

Elena Perel, colleague
“Nick’s appetite for the latest social media news and trends within the social media industry drive his knowledge and expertise. As an early adapter, Nick not only helps shape the social media landscape of tomorrow, he is educated on each network’s capabilities and how it will help certain brands. He is incredibly creative and has executed successful social media marketing campaigns that complement traditional marketing efforts as well as stand on their own. Nick’s knowledge of the industry and his execution of effective social media campaigns make him a great social media strategist and resource in the field.”

Jonathan Giles, Senior Brand Relations Manager YMCA
“Nick is a social media guru with a wealth of knowledge of how to use social media to connect with consumers. His experience helped us as created a consistent social media strategy. Anyone who works with Nick will definitely learn a couple things they did not know before.”

Cesar Abueg, business-partner
“Nick is a force of nature! He makes things happen, and he’s passionate about what he does. I’ve had the pleasure on working side-by-side with him at #GetSocialBrevard, and it was amazing. Memories cherished! Honored to know you.”

Joe Hand, service-provider
“Nick is intense… focused and ready for any promotional challenge. He knows modern media, and marketing. Do yourself a favor… hire him. Thank me later. -Joe Hand, president, Joe Hand Entertainment”

Christopher LeBlanc, colleague
“Nick is a rare breed. His drive and commitment to success is unparalleled. He is a true renaissance man but also a trailblazer in current and emerging technologies. I highly recommend him if you want your business or project to be propelled to the next level. He always added value to any project we worked on together and exceeded my expectations. I strongly advise you to hire him now before you can’t afford him ;-)”

Sid Lerner, colleague
“Bright, inventive, hustling, reliable.”

Kelly Lux, business-partner
“I’ve known Nick since he was a graduate student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications here at Syracuse University. He was part of the Social Media Futures charrette SU put on in the Spring of 2010. He quickly rose to the top as someone who knew social media well and could think outside the box. I’ve kept in touch with Nick since he left Syracuse and he was instrumental in helping us deliver on a music project I worked on associated with SxSW 2011. Nick is definitely my go-to person when it comes to the mix of music and social. In addition to his social media chops, Nick is an accomplished musician and has a strong network of music industry connections.I’ve continued to be impressed with Nick’s work while at Honkfish, including work on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the NASA tweetup. Nick has proven himself to be a very dedicated social media professional and he always seems to be in the right place at the right time.On a personal level, Nick is someone who is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor and always has your back. In other words, Nick is a great friend.I heartily endorse Nick Cicero for his work in the worlds of social media and music.”

Lauren Gilliam, business-partner
“Relationship”.We hear that word a lot. So when you have a real opportunity to build one. I can’t think of anything that’s more rewarding. My hats off to Nick and his team. For a great event and letting us play a small part in a great cause.Thanks for everything Nick and I sincerely look forward to building a long and prosperous business relationship.”

Kevin O’Neill, professor
“Nick is, simply, a tornado. His ideas and energies will be an enormous asset to any company lucky enough to attract him.”

Jywanza Jackson, colleague
“Nick in addition to being a great business man also has incredible musical abilities that make him a serious commodity for the entertainment industry.”

Christian Torres, business-partner
“Nick is relentless. A hard worker, and he gives a hundred and ten percent every time he is asked to assist on something.”

L. Rockett, business-partner
“Nick has a musical spirit and passion that shines through his body of work which inspires masterful songwriting from any songwriter. Nick has a professional attitude when it comes to his craft and it has always been a pleasure to do business with him.”


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