Facebook now suggesting pages to like when you like a page

It looks like Facebook is serving up personalized page suggestions inside of a new format when you like a new page.

I was invited to like Scoop.it’s Facebook page recently and was served this menu of “similar pages” to like:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.50.45 PM


Facebook Adds Message Button to Graph Search

Today I noticed that Facebook added the message button to entries in graph search. What a handy feature add that I have been wanting for a while.



Walmart Facebook Slip

walmart facebook post

Looks like somebody in Walmart’s social media team won’t be having too much fun this Sunday morning after a rather blunt outburst of: “What the Fuck was Facebook thinking??” was left up on the page for about five minutes before the retail giant pulled it down.

It was in all caps too…you know they were mad.

B2B Brands Should Give App.net a Try (for Free)

app_net_lrgLast August I signed up for App.net, the social network created by former iMeem CEO and serial entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell and a bunch of other really talented people.

Within a few minutes of using it I discovered a great community of brilliant, tech-focused minds who congregated on the site to connect about building.

Soon after joining the site’s first wave, I saw the community start to evolve with hackdays, community contributed projects designed to build the network, and I found myself learning a lot about how the internet is built.

While App.net hasn’t really gained momentum in the marketing community yet, I could see a prime opportunity for the right crop of brands to build a true community for a few reasons.

1. Targeted User base

The focus of App.net’s current users make it an ideal place for brands to connect with the early adopter, developer, and ‘technorati’ crowd. These highly specialized users are having discussions about companies like Rackspace, Data Sift, New Relic, Amazon Web Services and others regularly.

2. No Ads

You won’t find promoted posts on App.net, which means that brands are actually free to build a true dialogue with other users on the site. As App.net is a paid social network (users pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions) they’re proven to be willing to pay for software, but more importantly they’re seeking out the exchange of a higher value of content.

There are a growing number of publishers and brands on App.net already, including Adobe, CNET, ReadWrite, Ars Technica and more.

Here are list of others:

Try it FREE

Want to give it a try for yourself?

The creators of App.net have given me 100 free invites to App.net to give away, all you have to do is follow this link.

Did Facebook Add a New Like Page button to Story Shares for Publishers?

Today I was on Facebook and happened to like a story from Buzzfeed about the LinkedIn duping of this week. My friend Pam Moore shared the story on her profile as a link, not from the page, and when I clicked “Like” Facebook immediately prompted me to Like the page with a neat little pop-up that I have never seen before.

Facebook suggested content

What’s more interesting is the timing of this. Earlier this week a an article from Digiday that makes the claim: Many publishers are realizing Facebook won’t offer much salvation. Sure, it still drives plenty of traffic, but those numbers aren’t growing as fast — and in some cases, they’re going in reverse. Given a choice, a publisher would much rather have someone sign up for an email newsletter or even follow it on Twitter.

With more and more publishers creating unique experiences on-site or even on microsites, it’s clear that more news orgs are moving away from Facebook alone. Claims of diminished reach by all Page owners doesn’t help their case either.

Is Facebook working to help publishers build more audience? Or are they creating more noise by trying to funnel all content into their system?

What do you think?

Does Your Facebook News Feed keep changing back to Top Stories? Here’s why.

Update 5/15/14: I have been frustrated as of late about this…and I can’t be the only one since have been getting a lot of traffic on this post. Leave your thoughts below.

For the past month, the social community has been a buzz because Facebook has changed their News Feed algorithm, causing decreased reach for brands. There have been blogs lamenting the latest changes, but in a positive attempt to provide a solution have offered a number of suggestions including changing your News Feed settings to “Most Recent” from “Top Stories.”

Here’s the thing though…Facebook is changing the settings back on you automatically.

I have been testing for a week now and asking other trusted colleagues to do the same, and we all have found that it happens frequently.

While I didn’t sit at the computer 24/7, for the past week I have been trying to monitor various time intervals before the switch took place. I found from my trials it can be anywhere from a half-hour to overnight.

Why is Facebook doing this?

Image by Mike Daugherty

Well for one they are clearly moving to a more curated News Feed and I think ideally they want to give both advertisers and users more social relevance to sponsored stories.

Second, they just like to change things. I think we can all agree on that.

Is it annoying? Sure. Would many people want the option to sort completely chronologically? Probably, but the thing to realize is that there are so many pieces of data that can be injected into the News Feed at any point, there has to be some way to keep order.

Things like activity boxes on the Timeline and a clampdown on “frictionless sharing” have helped to clean up the News Feed, but it’s a vicious cycle of content creation, curation, and then conversation which keeps so many stories flooding your Facebook.

So is there any solution to the News Feed issue? At this point I don’t see one, however one tip that many others have pointed out is to create Facebook Interest Lists. Mari Smith has a great how-to guide on creating interest lists you can read here.

I started a list for brands, you can subscribe to that here.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who think they can change the News Feed to “Most Recent” and have everything be ok again, and they probably never checked it again. This post is for you, because I’m sure you have been frustrated like I have.

How to change your Newsfeed to ‘Most Recent’ on Desktop

1. Find the little arrow in the upper left corner of the home screen next to ‘News Feed’

2. Check the option ‘Most Recent’

3. Check tomorrow and hope it stays

top stories most recent facebook settings changes news feed

Here’s how to access the Most Recent news feed on Mobile (this is really buried, thanks to Skyler Rogers for the tip)

  1. Select the “More” button in the lower right-hand corner of the Facebook app.
  2. Scroll to the Feeds section and tap on the grey “Feeds” header to expand it.
  3. Most Recent will appear in the expanded list, and you can tap on it to view your news feed.


Have you experienced this problem? Would you want to have a purely chronological News Feed? Would you pay for one?

Facebook adds Barcodes to Offers – Retailers Rejoice

Facebook announced a number of new features for their “Offers” product on Thursday. One of the most interesting developments was the ability to add a barcode, something that retailers are jumping for joy about. Now many grocery stores, restaurant chains, big box retailers and more will be able to implement the Facebook offer barcode as an additional tracking mechanism into many existing sales systems.

From the Facebook support forum:

When you create an in-store offer, you can add a scannable barcode that will appear in the email people get when they claim your offer. This makes applying the discount at your register and tracking offer redemptions faster and easier.

Keep in mind that the code will be the same for every person who claims your offer and is not intended to be a way to prevent people from redeeming your offer more than once.

In order to use the feature, you’ll need to support the offer with Facebook ads, and use a 12-digit UPC-A or 13-digit EAB code. This number must be properly formatted to include a check digit for the protocol you choose.

Have you seen any ads or offers using these new features yet?

Facebook Campaign Icons in Newsfeed Sidebar

I recently discovered the addition of Facebook Ad campaign icons in the news feed side bar as well the Ads Manager icons that had been there before.

Talk about a time saver!

It has always been hard to access individual campaigns because you had to go through the ads manager screen and then sort your campaigns to see the results for each. Now there’s a quick and easy shortcut.

Have you seen this on your pages yet if you’re running ads?