Federal Student Aid Makes Fun of Poor People on Twitter

So FAFSA used a meme from the movie Bridesmaids in a tweet basically saying if you’re poor make sure you fill out our FAFSA form!

I’m just going to leave this here…come on FAFSA! Talk about a lack of empathy for your customer.

Here’s the thing, not everyone who completes a FAFSA is poor. But even if they were…federal student aid is supposed to help get you to college and have a better life, not make light of economic hardships.

Looks like FAFSA may want to look into putting their social marketing on deferment for a few months until they figure out their situation. fafsa poor tweet

This may be one of those times where they thought they were trying to be “cool” and talk to the hip young kids through Memes…but I doubt it.

When we find out the backstory from journalists who (hopefully) tear FAFSA apart in their articles, I’d imagine we find comparisons to the recent NYPD social media backlash a few weeks ago.

This is now two government organizations in just a few months who have experienced serious social fails because of poor planning and judgement.

When will brands (especially extremely volatile ones) learn that some things are better left off of Twitter.

This is just plain stupid.

By the way, in unrelated news the star of this meme is actress Kristen Wiig, who made $12 million in 2012 and can probably afford the loans on at least one degree.

The Top 25 Industry Media Content Sources Digital Marketers Share

I wrote a post over on Social Fresh about “The Top 50 People Most Retweeted by Digital Marketers” based on data I received from a report done by Leadtail and PunchTab.

It has been shared quite a bit today, as one would expect when you publish a list full of influencers. My mentions are through the roof.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 6.05.02 PM

Putting the people aside, one of the more interesting stats they pulled from their data (all 57,009 shared links from 122,027 tweets) was that digital marketers are relatively split on where they share content from, 43% mainstream media and 42% industry media.

Since we love lists, and I’m not going to write two list posts on Social Fresh in one week…I decided to publish one of the other lists over here.

These are the Top 25 Industry Media Content Sources that digital marketers share links most from.

1. Mashable
2. Ad Age
3. TechCrunch
4. Business Insider
5. Adweek
6. VentureBeat
7. The Next Web
8. The Verge
9. MediaPost
10. Re/code
11. Business2Community
12. The Business Journals
13. Digiday
14. Hubspot Blog
15. Buffer Blog
16. Marketing Land
17. Social Media Today
18. Social Media Examiner
19. Gigaom
20. Search Engine Land
21. Econsultancy
22. ClickZ
23. MarketingProfs
24. Convince & Convert
25. (Tie) Moz, eMarketer

By contrast, New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, WIRED and Time are a few of the top shared “mainstream” content sources.

You can download Leadtail and PunchTab’s report here

How 50 music teachers are creating 5,000 musician-citizens across the US, thanks to a TED Prize wish

Nick Cicero:

Love everything about this

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Jose Abreu wished for these 50 musicians to

Jose Antonio Abreu made a TED Prize wish in 2009 to train 50 musicians to start youth orchestras in their community. The final class of Sistema Fellows graduated this month. Photo: El Sistema

On a drizzly spring day in Boston last week, three dozen musicians mingled in the President’s Library of the New England Conservatory (NEC), one of the most prestigious music institutions in the country. The weather did not dampen the infectious enthusiasm in the room. After all, 10 of these musicians were about to mark a milestone: graduation from the competitive Sistema Fellows Program, an initiative born out of El Sistema and made a reality by the TED Prize.

El Sistema is a network of youth orchestras founded by pianist and conductor Jose Antonio Abreu in 1975. Officially called the “National System of Youth and Children Symphony Orchestras of Venezuela,” El Sistema (“the system”) teaches orchestral instruments to…

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Twitter adding more options to encourage photo sharing and consumption

There has been a lot of talk about Twitter introducing new features to make photo sharing and consuming more prevalent. Aside from the new photo collages and profile redesign, I noticed this morning a little text CTA to “view more photos” in the bottom right corner of a tweet containing a photo which drives me to the the user’s photo gallery on their profile.


twitter photo sharing

Linkedin Encouraging Users to Share Photos

linkedin photo email

Nick on the Social Pros Podcast – The Truth about Google+

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.39.18 AM

It’s time for another edition of the Social Pros Podcast. Each week, Jay Baer, Jeffrey Rohrs and I explore the world of social marketing by talking to some of the top industry leaders about how they’re getting real work done in social.

This week: The Truth about Google + for Business

This week’s podcast features Martin Shervington. As one of the world’s foremost Google+ authorities, we discuss Google+ as a social destination, Google+ as a social layer, and the future potential for Google+’s impact on other Google products, including search engine optimization and Google authorship.

While brands like Ford, Toyota, and Cadbury all have had success creating content and communities on Google+, others have seen limited success, sparking an industry-wide debate given the untimely news that Vic Gundotra is leaving the company.

Listen to the podcast here: Social Pros 115

Subscribe on iTunes here: Social Pros Podcast

This Mini Cooper Airport Ad is full of Junk in the Trunk

Talk about the perfect placement.


mini airport ad baggage claim

Twitter is a Content Platform So Why is the Content Experience Lacking?

Nick Cicero:

Smart thoughts by Hunter Walk here.

Originally posted on Hunter Walk:

I blog about Twitter almost as much as I tweet because it’s a product, a company and a team that I’m fond of (and in one case, very very fond). Also, their strengths and weaknesses remind me so much of YouTube – expression and communications platform with worldwide base and wide variety of uses, where 99% of content is uninteresting to a given user but their 1% is gold. And most everyone’s 1% is different.

Over the last few months it’s become more fashionable to think of Twitter’s future as one around content – both consumption of and discussion around. If indeed this is true north for casual user growth, there are two opportunities I’d want them to move faster to solve.

1) Twitter Cards: Show Preview for All Content Links

Nothing frustrates casual users like inconsistent experiences. What happens today when I click on a tweet which has a web…

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Syracuse University to add Mens Varsity Hockey

Nick Cicero:

My friend @micdaugherty designed some killer @SyracuseU Men’s Varsity Hockey jersey concepts

Originally posted on Design M.D.:

Well, not so fast…

2014 drawing board

2014 drawing board

At the ripe age of three my parents hauled our family off to the sunshine state. We played sports/outdoors year round, just not of the ice-winter variety. My earliest impressions or interest in hockey were of a NERF nature. The early ‘90s were watershed years for Disney’s The Mighty Ducks; below – Christmas ‘92 or 93 (notice the Milk Jug hockey masks and various extensions my sibling, cousins and I sourced for hockey sticks).

Garage League - '93

Garage League – 1992

In Florida there were no shortage of friends from Michigan ex-pats, so hockey happened. It was of the rollerblade and street nature, played with a ball and MacGyver’d goals/boards. We made do and used our imagination.

As I won’t be fulfilling an on-ice career, my passion and efforts for a connection/involvement with the sport has to manifest itself in other ways.

In Syracuse I was…

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Instagram drives 2.5MM+ Brand Interactions During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has taken center stage in recent years as a way to give fashion and luxury brands a chance to shine around hundreds of events throughout New York City in February.

This year, Instagram was at the center of the runway with marketers giving their audiences exclusive access to your average Jane through photos and 15 second video clips.

Social Curation and Analytics company Curalate used their technology to measure data from NYFW related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and discovered that nearly 100,000 New York Fashion Week related photos were shared by more than 33,000 unique Instagram users.

Read more on Social Fresh.



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